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Flash Marketing provides website and marketing solutions. With the popularity of smart phones, building websites using responsive website design is a crucial element. A responsive website will resize to fit the size of the user’s device whether its a cell phone, tablet or PC.

We focus on using WordPress templates but we can make your site utilizing other website builders, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc.

The car analogy: Think of a website like a car and WordPress is the engine. The website template is the make & model. Each model (template) can vary with different features and functions. WordPress gives us the ability to make customizations and add in new features!
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Ways we can help your business

  • SEO / Google Analytics

    We'll create Google Analytics & Google Search Console accounts for your website. We can provide site traffic evaluation/performance reports including visitor trends and behavior.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

    Fully managed email marketing campaigns. Increase newsletter signups through website form and social media.

  • Social Media

    Managment of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp accounts. We'll create a Social Media page to display your posts and updates on your website.

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